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Introduction » Green Coffee » Honduras SHG Pacamara Green Coffee 1000 g


Honduras SHG Pacamara Green Coffee 1000 g




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1. Acidity - Mild that develops slowly on the palate.
2. Sweetness - good sweetness.
3. Body - A near full body roasted to this level.
4. Balance - great balance of flavours, moves nicely from sweet, to mild acidity to cocoa and pleasant aftertaste.
5. Character - Smooth and rich, with cocoa notes and slight hints of nutmeg and licorice. This coffee works well with milk where some praline nut sweetness appears

This Santa Rosa coffee comes from the western mountainous region of Copan and is a high quality coffee designated as ‘Strictly High Grown’ (SHG) grown at between 1500 – 2000 meters above sea level. The coffee lot is sourced from a number of plantations in the region and thus has little providence information. Honduras is still struggling to break away from its past reputation for mediocre coffee but this coffee is strictly of the highest quality.

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