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Colombia Maragogype Green Coffee 1000 g




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The El Botón estate is a 200 hectare coffee farm, which has been under the care of the Herrán family for three generations. The rare type, Maragogype has been grown on this estate since the year 1931. This is an exotic variant of arabica, which grows on taller trees, and has larger beans (according to sieve measurement, they could reach the size of 20). This quality coffee is easily recognized: special aroma, balanced taste and outstanding roasting.

The estate lies in a very particular ecosystem, which is located at 1350 meters above sea levels, and has 2400 mm annual fall. The humidity and quality of soil are extraordinary, which results in the best Maragogype in the whole world. In this area, the traditional shaded growth is used to ensure the optimal moisture and temperature conditions for the coffee shrubs. Exclusively the ripe beans are hand-picked, then thoroughly dried and sorted.

The area is known for it's biodiversity and ecosystem. Multiple shade-loving trees provide the oxygen and home for insects and birds. This is one of the many reasons why the farm is Rainforest certified. There is also a coffee nursery garden located here, that provides the guaranteed El Botón Maragogype seeds.

The harvest lasts from September to January. The beans are grinded at the farm's water mill, then comes a fermentation process, that is followed by thorough rinsing, sizing and drying. Finally the beans are sorted by a machine to provide consistent moisture-content.

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