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Introduction » Green Coffee » Brazil Santos NY 2/3 Scr. 17/18 Green Coffee 1000 g


Brazil Santos NY 2/3 Scr. 17/18 Green Coffee 1000 g




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Brazil Santos is usually used as a grading term for Brazilian coffee rather than a variety of Arabica. The name refers to the port in Brazil where coffee passed through, and was regarded as higher quality than “Brazilian coffee”. Brazil Santos is usually of the Bourbon variety. Tis type of coffee is grown at the altitude of 600-1000 meters.

Fruited aroma with mild citric acidity and medium full body. Fruited notes int he flavour with some nuttiness. A sweet coffee with cocoa powder notes in the after-taste

NY (New York) 2/3;  specifies the quality is standard to the Green Coffee Association of New York. 2/3 refers to the amount of defects permitted in the lot; a maximum of nine secondary defects, and no primary defects.

17/18 refers to the screen size. These beans are one screen size larger than 14/16, denoting a larger bean. Larger bean size is generally linked to higher quality.

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