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Introduction » Green Coffee » AVX Gold 90 Blend Green Coffee 1000 g


AVX Gold 90 Blend Green Coffee 1000 g



Premium Blend Coffee


our price without Tax: 8.65 EUR

our price including Tax(27 %): 10.99 EUR

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Product no.: 100B

90% Premium Arabica 10% Premium Robusta


Brazil Fazenda São Domingos Scr. 16up
Colombia Supremo Café Sofía Scr. 19
Guatemala SHB EP Huehuetenango
Honduras SHG EP Signature Specialty
PNG AA Grade - KIMEL Plantation
India Washed Parchment Kappi Royal 18

Normally this blend presents notes of nuts and chocolate, but with the right temperature settings, pleasant fruity flavours can also be present.

We recommend drinking this cup as espresso, cappuccino, moca or filter.

Recommended PID temperature: 90-92 ºC.

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